The Board of Directors greatly appreciates the ongoing support of the Presentation Congregation. The availability of this property in a prime location enables the Centre to operate in the midst of the local community. The recently renovated building is warm, comfortable and very conducive to learning. We do not take the automatic presence of heat and light for granted and are very aware of the ongoing costs met by the Presentation Sisters to cover heat and light.

The City of Dublin ETB has supported the Centre since its establishment in 1995 with teaching hours. We now receive core funding that meets the cost of staff salaries and teaching hours for tutors. We also secure funding through the Back to Education Initiative (BTEI) for other specific programmes.

We acknowledge and appreciate the funding but also the ongoing support for community education in general.

Funders’ Overview:


Warrenmount Centre receives Core funding from SOLAS via the City of Dublin ETB for accredited and non-accredited classes (Tutor hours) and staff salaries. This Core Grant allows the Centre to operate.

Back to Education Initiative funding covers part-time programmes in Childcare and IT.


We work with FIT to run the Benefit short courses in basic introduction to IT. FIT also provide supports, such as interview skills and mock interviews for our level 4 ICT learners.


The Presentation Sisters provide our building and fund all connected utilities. This year we received a gift, which went towards upgrading our IT systems (ongoing into 2016) as well as other small projects (1916 Commemoration Project/ garden etc).


Dublin City Council provided grants to carry out research for our 1916 project (in conjunction with Presentation Sisters), and to purchase plants for the garden.


Foras Eireann provided specialists in music and literature to give a series of talks in May 2015.


The Department of Social Protection provided funding under the Activation & Family Support Programme.


This gift was made by a past pupil of Warrenmount School who wishes to remain anonymous. The gift will be used from 2016 for classes and projects outside the remit of our core funding.


DIT Access & Civic Engagement provide ECDL Essentials as a progression option for learners who have completed our ICT level 4 Programme.