Community Education Programme

If you want to work on your self-development & well-being, this Community Education programme is for you. You will develop your:

You will have the opportunity to explore new and exciting topics, designed to help you building confidence and community involvement.



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Courses Description
Yoga class is suitable for anyone. Among the benefits we can highlight the increase in lung capacity, spine flexibility and joint health, stress reduction and emotional balance.
Keep Well
This course will explore how we can ensure we are keeping ourselves well. Suitable for anyone interested in self-development and wellbeing.
The gardening workshops focus on seasonal gardening. Suitable for anyone interested in gardening.
Introduction to Drawing
You will learn about different drawing styles and techniques through the ages and will have the opportunity to create a range of practical art pieces in a variety of media. Suitable for anyone interested in art and drawing.
Art Appreciation
This course promises to be a bit of fun and a bit of a challenge for anyone interested in art appeciation. Explore major artistic themes and improve your technology skills.
Local History
This class is suitable for learners who would like to know more about the local history of Dublin 8.
Positive Living Skills
It explores some tools and techniques proven to improve subjective well being. It draws on elements of CBT, Positive Psychology, Mindfulnes, Nutrition and Exercise.
This class is suitable for learners interested in reflection and colouring.

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‘I really appreciate all the work put in by Warenmount Centre and Tutors. I enjoyed meeting friends and tutors and taking time out to learn and do new things.’

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