Spring Gardening Tips

We have 7 top spring gardening tips for you!

Spring is just upon us and the garden will soon be coming to life. 

Make use of this time to organise your thoughts and get a head start on this new gardening season! 

Eoin O’Brien, our Gardening Tutor, has great gardening tips for you to try out this Spring. Take a look at all of them below:

  • 1° tip: It’s the perfect time to order your summer-flowering bulbs and seeds or use the ones collected from previous years.
  • 2° tip: Tidy up flower beds and borders by:
    • Removing leaves or debris
    • Clearing out dead plants
    • Cutting back damaged wood from shrubs
    • Putting a 5cm layer of fresh compost over the soil
  • 3° tip: Sow any seeds that need a longer growing season. E.g.:Pelargoniums, begonias, antirrhinums, peppers.
  • 4° tip: Hunt for any hibernating pests. Check all perennial plants, especially those in pots.
  • 5° tip: Maintain fences, gates and trellis. Make sure these are all ready and in working order before the growing season kicks in.
  • 6° tip: Clean & sharpen garden tools. Maintaining your garden tools will help preserve them & prevent the spread of any soil-borne disease.
  • 7° tip: Start a compost heap. No matter how small the garden, consider a compost heap to provide a free and valuable soil improver.

As usual, we have gardening workshops with a focus on seasonal gardening. The spring gardening workshops start this month (February).

Get in touch if you would like to join our Gardening Course. You will have the opportunity to learn more techniques and develop practical skills for your own garden or outdoor space.