SDG Challenge Goal #2 - Zero Hunger

This month’s SDG challenge is Goal #2 – Zero Hunger. This is about the effort to achieve ‘Zero Hunger’. This goal is universal and calls for all countries to eradicate hunger for everyone, everywhere. 

To get involved, take one of these challenges suggested by Development Perspectives:

    • Challenge #1 – Get Informed: Read up about the efforts being made around the world to achieve ‘Zero Hunger’. Begin by reading the articles or watching the videos in the ‘Understand’ section of this info pack.
    • Challenge #2 – Be Political: Write a letter to the Minister For Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue. Ask him to increase Ireland’s organic farming share of the total agricultural area (which is currently at 1.63% of the total, according to Social Justice Ireland). E-mail:
    • Challenge #3 – Educate: Discuss Zero Hunger with your friends, families or colleagues. It can be an informal chat with a cuppa or an organised workshop. Tackle the issues head on with a group. Be sure to share with us using #SDGchallenge. 
    • Challenge #4 – #MindfulMeals: January and February are the months for resolutions, e.g. being more mindful. This February, why not try to be mindful with regards to your eating, by taking part in the #MindfulMeals Challenge.

How about this?

  1. Try to only buy what you will really eat – this might require some more planning, but why not embrace this as an integral part of a full and mindful eating experience?
  2. Reflect on what food you eat for the sake of eating (or because it is readily available), and what food actually makes you feel better. You may find that you need less overall. Take this month to be creative and listen to your body!
  3. Find out more and connect with organisations and initiatives such as food banks, food sharing, etc., and – if possible – share food with others.

Please share with us any photos and the new insights/experiences/thoughts you might have – and don’t forget to use #ZeroHunger #SDG2 #MindfulMeals

Some additional challenges have been shared by Anne Hannan, Tutor at Warrenmount Community Education Centre. All the information packs and challenges can be found here!

More about the SDG Challenge:

In September 2015, world leaders from 193 countries came together to adopt the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs mean everyone can take action every month to raise awareness and to help achieve a sustainable future by 2030. Check this SDG Challenge video out to know more.

This initiative is supported by Development Perspectives as part of a wider project called Saolta. Anne Hannan has been enthusiastically running this project since the start, arranging informative sessions and meetings to spread the SDG Challenge message

Let’s support this cause!

We can all make a difference and raise awareness of the SDGs! Let’s support this cause for a better future for everyone!

Good luck fellow challengers! 

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