Mental Health - Keep Learning

Learning can help your mental health! Trying out a few simple things in our routine such as including time for learning something new can keep us motivated and our minds more active.

Mental Health Ireland has shared ‘Five ways for tough times’, which could help us to maintain positive mental wellbeing during challenging times. In this article we are checking out the fourth one ‘Keep Learning’:

  • We may find we have extra time. We can use this opportunity to try something new we didn’t have time to try before. 
  • Avail of free online resources on topics you enjoy. Apps, podcasts, YouTube tutorials offer many ways to keep learning.
  • Signing up for short online courses or trying something as simple as cooking a new recipe can help give us a sense of purpose and keep our minds active.
  • When we teach, we learn. Maybe help a young person in your family with their studies or support a student with their college assignment.

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