Getting Online: Tips For Starting Your Online Classes

Here are some things to remember for getting started with your online classes!

Signing in to your Warrenmount Email Account

    • All of our learners are given their own Warrenmount Gmail account. This will give you access to your online classes. 
    • You will receive an email containing a link to your own personal email asking you to activate your new Warrenmount Email account and create a new password. This link is time sensitive so activate email ASAP (as soon as possible)
    • It is really important that you sign out of any other Gmail accounts.

Accessing Google Classroom

Accessing your online classes

Joshua Welcome Video 

Each Monday learners will have the opportunity to have one to one session with one of our tutors, Joshua, to answer any questions or demonstrate anything, to help our learners with online classes. We will also post some information and advice that we think might be useful. This will be available on our Learner Induction page on Google Classroom, which all learners will be able to access at any time.

It is so important to us here in Warrenmount to keep both our staff and learners safe we will begin this new term online. One of the things that makes Warrenmount so special is the variety of backgrounds and experiences of our learners. This also means our learners have a variety of skills and abilities when it comes to learning online, and we will be here to support those who need it.

Here are some more useful sites:

Google Workspace Learning Centre

Gmail Support

Can’t Sign Into Your Google Account

Online Learning Tutorials

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Getting Online: Tips For Starting Your Online Classes