Working in Dublin Series - 7 CV Writing Tips

Are you looking for a job or career move in Dublin? If so, don’t miss our Working in Dublin series. We’ll be posting weekly job-related content that could help you in your search and preparation to get a job in Dublin.

In the last posts of this Working in Dublin series we covered common interview questions and valuable general interview tips. Now, it is time to talk about CV preparation, which will be the first step to take you to the interview. 

In this blog post, we share 7 CV Writing Tips that can help you to get your CV selected by recruiters instead of lost in a discard pile. These tips are from the, Ireland’s youth information website. Check them all out:

  • #1 – Personal information: Start with your name and contact details at the top so that they’re easy to see. Don’t include personal information such as your gender, nationality, marital status or a photo of you.
  • #2 – Tailored CV: Look carefully at the job description and emphasise the skills or experience mentioned. Remember also to tailor and change your CV for each job you apply for.
  • #3 – Background experience: Include your education, qualifications, relevant jobs and work experience, achievements and interests that help prove you’ve got the right skills for the job.
  • #4 – Formatting: Use a clear, easy to read letter font like Arial or Times New Roman. Limit it to two pages of the most relevant and important information about you.
  • #5 – Gaps in your CV: Make sure you can account for any gaps in your CV – as you may get asked about this at the interview.
  • #6 – Referees: If you’re asked for referees, include the contact information of a past employer – Make sure to ask that person in advance, if you’re not asked write ‘References available on request’ at the end of your CV.
  • #7 – Sending your CV: If you’re emailing your CV, make sure to save the doc in your own name. If it’s just ‘CV.doc,’ it will get lost in a pile.

You can check more CV tips in this article from