Working in Dublin Series - 7 Phone Interview Tips

Are you looking for a job or career move in Dublin? If so, don’t miss our Working in Dublin series. We’ll be posting weekly job-related content that could help you in your search and preparation to get a job in Dublin.

In the last posts of this Working in Dublin series we covered common interview questions, valuable general interview tips and CV writing tips. Now, it is time to talk about a phone interview, which will prepare you for your next interview by phone. 

Get ready for the next step in your journey to find a job with these 7 Phone Interview Tips that you help to succeed. These tips are from, a global provider of talent solutions. Check them all out:

  • #1 – Research the company: Research the company culture and the role. Study the job description and have clear examples ready to show how your skills align with what the company needs.
  • #2 – Prepare the answers: Prepare answers to common competency-based interview questions.
  • #3 – Prepare the questions: Prepare questions for the interviewer and have these printed or on a screen beside you. Two or three is plenty.
  • #4 – Question about company: Why do you want to work for the company? Know in your own mind why you have applied for this particular role. Passion can still be felt through a phone.
  • #5 – Practice interviewing: Practice answering questions (over the phone) with a friend or someone you trust to give honest feedback.
  • #6 – Prepare your place: Test your phone signal and make sure you have a quiet place to do the interview. If your family or housemates are at home at the same time let them know you’ll be interviewing.
  • #7 – Prepare some notes: Have something to write down beside you. For example, the interviewer might ask you to prepare x,y,z, or to send them something specific (for example a past project).

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