Working in Dublin Series - 7 Interview Tips

Are you looking for a job or career move in Dublin? If so, don’t miss our Working in Dublin series. We’ll be posting weekly job-related content that could help you in your search and preparation to get a job in Dublin.

Last week we ran a poll across all our social media channels to understand if our followers want to know more about the process of working in Dublin and 65% have voted to find out more about the CV/Interview preparation topic. 

So, let’s dive into it! In this blog post, we share 7 valuable interview tips for you to prepare for your next job interview in Dublin. These tips are from the CCT College Dublin with the collaboration of Anne Hannan, also a Tutor at Warrenmount Community Education Centre. Check them all out:

  • #1 – Research the Company: Consult their website, company values and strategic goals/plans. Look at the news feature on their website or do a Google news search to find out the latest developments pertaining to the company.
  • #2 – Look through the Job specification: How do your studies, work experience and competencies match? Ensure that you have practical examples of tasks/responsibilities that illustrate how you match the job specification.
  • #3 – Be prepared for common questions: Many interviews comprise common questions. Prepare answers with examples.
  • #4 – Interviewers are looking for problem solver candidates: Have examples of how you have successfully solved problems in the workplace.
  • #5 – Interviewers are looking for enthusiastic candidates: What are the positive aspects or significant achievements of the company? Draw on these when answering the question, ‘Why do you want to work for the company?’
  • #6 – Remain positive during the interview: Don’t speak negatively of former employers. Highlight how you can positively contribute to the goals and values of the hiring company.
  • #7 – Think of your additional skills to stand out: Perhaps you have undertaken an applied project on a relevant subject area or you speak a second language.

We’ll be back next week with more tips, keep a close eye on our blog page or follow us across our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter