Working in Dublin Series - 7 Interview Questions

In the last post of this Working in Dublin series we mentioned that it is important to be prepared for common questions during the interview, but what are these questions? And how to best answer them to impress the hiring manager? 

In this blog post, we share 7 best answers to common job interview questions for you to prepare for your next job interview in Dublin. These tips are from the, Ireland’s most popular recruitment website. Check them all out:

  • #1 – Tell Me About Yourself? The best answers are 2-3 minutes long and include information about your education, interest in the field, experience and work history; make sure all of these details are related to the role in some form.
  • #2 – Why Should We Hire You? Go through the skills needed for the job and provide examples of how you displayed each of them in a previous role. Show that you’re a proactive individual who identified problems in previous jobs and found solutions.
  • #3 – Why Do You Want To Work For Us? Research their services, products, working culture and expansion plans to find out things about the company that appeal to you for your answer.
  • #4 – What Are Your Strengths? Be sure to match your strengths to the job role and outline any instances where you used these strengths to assist a previous employer; try to quantify the answer with data and numbers if possible.
  • #5 – What Are Your Weaknesses? Think of 3 areas or weaknesses that you believe need improving (from your education or work experience) and come up with examples of the steps you’re taking to improve these weaknesses.
  • #6 – Why Did You Leave Your Previous Position? NEVER criticise an old employer. If you’re stuck for a reason, simply explain that you felt there were no opportunities for career progression in your last job so you decided to move on and find a company that matches your ambitions.
  • #7 – Do You Have Any Questions? The biggest mistake you can make here is to say ‘no’ and conclude the interview. This is an opportunity to demonstrate that you researched the company and are serious about the role. Prepare questions in advance.

You can check more interview questions & answers in this article from

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