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Great Courses in November

7 Great Courses starting in November Did you miss registration this term? Great news, you can join some courses in November! So, you can still start your learning journey in our friendly Community Education Centre! In November we are starting some interesting classes like: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Basic, Digital Media (QQI

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! Are you ready to take the first step on your learning journey? We would like to say welcome or welcome back to all our learners who have registered for courses this term! Most of our classes are starting this week. Classes will still be running online due to the restrictions of COVID-19, but we’re

Watch our Live Open Day

Watch our Live Open Day We’ve hosted a Live Online Open Day for course registration on our Facebook page, on 1st of September 2020, to tell all you need to know about learning at Warrenmount Community Education Centre. Some of our staff and tutors were there to answer questions and provide all the important information
International Food Fair Wonderful food from all over the world! Our International Food Fair, pictured above, seems like a million years ago, it was only in March 2020! Thanks to everyone involved! Follow us on social media Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Linkedin

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Yoga Ego Eradicator

Home Yoga Practice #2 – Ego Eradicator In this video, we will be continuing to practise more Kundalini breathing exercises, along with the Yoga Ego Eradicator technique, so prepare to raise your arms over your head, breath and hopefully, you will feel much more energized after that!  It helps to increase your lung capacity while bringing a sense

Good health and well being

SDG Challenge – Good Health and Well-being This month’s SDG challenge is about Goal #3 ‘Good Health and Well-being’. To join, take one or more of these 4 challenges to make your contribution to the world, according to the Development Perspectives material: Challenge #1 – Get Informed: Learn about the efforts being made around the

Autumn Gardening Tips

Autumn Gardening Tips We have 3 top autumn gardening tips for you! Autumn is the time when the leaves change their colours from green to red, orange, yellow or brown before falling. Above all, the temperature becomes colder and days shorter and most of the plants slow down and go to sleep. How are you

Home Yoga Practice 1

Home Yoga Practice #1 Keep your body healthy, active and bring a sense of inner peace!  Check out this breathing exercise to start your day feeling energized! It helps to energise you in the morning, to calm you in the evening or to release anxiety.  Daya Lupinacci, in this video, is our Kundalini Chair Yoga Teacher

SDG Challenge for September

SDG Challenge for September Every month this term, we will be posting a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Challenge. This month’s challenge is about Goal #2 ‘Zero Hunger’. To join, take one or more of these challenges to make your contribution to the world: Challenge #1 – Get Informed: Engage with articles, blogs, videos and campaigns to learn
Click here to watch our “Keep Well” class video from term 1 2019