Autumn Gardening Tips

We have 3 top autumn gardening tips for you!

Autumn is the time when the leaves change their colours from green to red, orange, yellow or brown before falling. Above all, the temperature becomes colder and days shorter and most of the plants slow down and go to sleep.

How are you handling your garden this season? Would you like to get some gardening advice?

So, Eoin O’Brien, our Gardening Tutor, has 3 top gardening tips for you to try this season. Take a look at them below:

  • 1° tip: It is a perfect time for sowing grass seed (new lawn or reseeding an area to thicken it out).
  • 2° tip: Preparing beds for springtime, especially if adding farmyard manure to the soil (gives it time to break down for spring planting).
  • 3° tip: As part of soil prep, check drainage, soil type and PH to ensure suitability for intended plantings (ties in with site analysis in Garden Planning)

Additionally, if you have found this tips interesting, you would might like to know more about our Gardening courses or Workshops. 

We usually have gardening workshops focus on seasonal gardening, therefore we are going to have our winter garden workshop in November.

Get in touch if you would like to join this gardening class.  You will have the opportunity to learn more techniques and develop practical skills for your own home garden. 

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